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Inventables CEO to Deliver Keynote at Technori in Chicago

Hi Inventables Community!
There are lots of awesome new Carvey projects that have been added to our projects catalog.

Check out this blog to see just a few of the amazing projects that have been added to our page. The dish pictured above uses our new G-Code import tool.
These types of projects would make a great addition to a school's curriculum, which is exactly why Inventables is leading the charge to put a 3D carver in every school by the end of the decade! If you know of a school that would greatly benefit from receiving a 3D carver, come to Technori this Tuesday to learn how your school can receive a free 3D carver from inventables!

Inventables Founder and CEO, Zach Kaplan, will be a keynote speaker at theTechnori – Maker Movement in Chicago on March 29 to discuss the digital manufacturing revolution - leading with 3D carving. Event Details: Technori is a monthly showcase for innovative startups in Chicago, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase. The March 2016 Technori event is titled “…

New Carvey Projects You Have to See!

If you haven’t checked out our newest projects, you’re missin’ out big time! The four beautiful projects showcased below were made on Carvey, and to say the least, they crushed it! And if you want to hear even more good news, all of these projects can be made by any and all makers...that means you!

This gorgeous desktop planter may look a little intimidating, but have no fear, it’s all made in Easel! First mill out the Corian base and stand because that is what holds this whole project together….pretty cool, right? Next come the walls. The walls of the planter are made by carving rings into maple wood using of course Easel, as well as, the “offsetter” app found in the Easel library. Once the walls have been cut, simply glue them together, sand them down and boom! You got yourself one beautiful desktop planter all co-workers would be jealous of.

Need something to keep your kids entertained for hours in the car? Well have no fear, activity bot is here! This adorable little guy is made wi…

Be A Part of the Inventables HQ Mural!

Hey Inventables Community!
 We are working on a mural wall at Inventables HQ and want to extend the chance to our awesome community to help fill up our wall!
If you want your creation to be part of the wall, here's the details:
-Your tile creation can be of anything so long as it's safe for a work environment. -Tiles must not exceed 6"x6" -Tiles can be made of any material but must be of an appropriate weight to hang easily and securely.
That's it!  Check out our image below to see what we've got up already!

When you're ready, send your submissions to Inventables c/o Kyle 600 W Van Buren St, STE 602 Chicago, IL 60607

Tyler Lyne, The Iron Chef of Making

Executive Chef, Tyler Lyne, believes that in order to be unique, Cloud Catering & Events has to separate itself from the pack by coming up with innovative solutions. His solution? X-Carve.

Chef Lyne has used X-Carve to make custom serving pieces for his restaurant like wooden serving spoons, a Hors d’oeuvre platter, a wave Petite Fours platter, a carbon fiber custom kitchen tool that won gold at the Restaurant Show and most importantly, an egg dish for Gwyneth Paltrow! I would definitely say Chef Lyne is on his way to leaving a very influential mark on the culinary world.  

(Egg dish for Gwyneth Paltrow)

Born and raised in Texas, Lyne  began his culinary journey at 16 years old, working in restaurants.  He then went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America, where after graduation, he became the youngest person to obtain the Certified Executive Chef title from the A.C.F at the youthful age of 21.

(Custom Hors d’oeuvre platter)

What is the difference between 3D carving and 3D printing?

Do you know the difference? Let Inventables CEO, Zach Kaplan explain!

Solder Inlay - Warren Downes

The newest how-to video by Warren Downes is pretty darn cool if you ask us. In the video Warren creates a solder metal inlay inside an X-Carve design, literally drip by scalding drip!

To begin the solder inlay Warren fires up his blowtorch. He uses the blowtorch to slowly melt the solid solder over the carved design. The boiling drops of solder merge together to gradually fill the entire mold.

After the mold has been completely filled with solder, Warren uses a belt sander to sand down the excess solder around the design. Once the excess solder has been removed and his project is nice and smooth, Warren once again grabs the blowtorch. He carefully burns the edges around the carved design to give it an authentic rustic look. Then with a quick Minwax wipe, Warren has once again created a pretty awesome project.

If you’d like to learn more about Warren and his projects check out his website and YouTube channel.

North Carolina Woodworker Non-Profit Organization

On paper, North Carolina Woodworker is a non-profit, woodworking focused, web-based educational forum. However, the organization believes that a better description is a true woodworking community helping to grow and enhance the Maker Movement. The overall goal of the organization is to provide education to all adults and children interested in the art of woodworking because “the look on a child’s face after they have just created something that they never knew that could do truly is priceless”. They want to be seen as not only a place to ask questions and learn, but also an outlet to build deep, long lasting relationships.

The organization was started in 2006 by Steve Coles, who had self-funded the website to get it up and running. The now member supported organization has more than 6,500 registered users! Which makes sense considering their web-based educational forum is known as “the friendliest site on the net”. The once web-based only organization has now evolved into an active gr…