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Pre-Order Your X-Controller Today!

The Inventables X-Controller is available for pre-order today!

The X-Controller is high-power motion controller for your CNC machine. It’s not only more powerful than entry-level controllers, but in our experience, it’s also more reliable. The X-Controller uses large removable terminal blocks and an aluminum enclosure to keep electronics protected and the wiring clean.

X-Controller pre-orderswill begin shipping by January 31st. Hurry! Inventables only has 400 available in our first production run, so don’t miss out!  The second production run is expected to arrive in April 2016.

Here is a quick list of specifications for why you would consider getting this product.

First is the power: (4) 4A stepper drivers. The gshield has three 1.5A drivers (Y axis has 2 ganged drivers for X-Carve type machines). This gives 1 more powerful driver to each stepper motor compared to a gshield.Micro Stepping (Full through 1/16th) the gshield supports 1/8th.Easy current adjustment via large, well-marked po…

Crain's Book of Lists 3D Project

Back in 2014, Crain’s Chicago Business chose Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan as one of their 40 under 40. This is Crain’s annual honor that highlights Chicago’s most influential entrepreneurs and executives. Pretty cool, right?

Each year, Crain’s publishes a Book of Lists full of company data and contacts. For 2016, they wanted to create a symbolic 3D object to represent the book. They came straight to Zach to make their carving dreams a reality.

Zach showed Crain’s graphic designer Karen Freese and freelance graphic designer Jenna Blazevich how to use Carvey to create their vision. Using white Corian and walnut as the base of the cube, they carved the sides to represent the Table of Contents and back page of Crain’s Book of Lists.
Read the full article and watch the awesome minute long timelapse video here.

More Holiday Cheer!

You can tell the holidays are just around the corner with all the holiday cheer that’s pouring in from our tip jar contest!

Check out these five projects that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit!
Christmas Spider

There is a German and Ukrainian legend that states, if you cannot find a real spider in your Christmas tree, then you must hang a spider ornament in its place. With this legend in mind, that is precisely what maker Shalee Sykes did. Using Easel and hard maple, Shalee was able to carve this delicate and beautiful ornament to hang on his tree. If you want to hear more about the Christmas spider, read the whole legend on Shalee’s page!
Santa Hat Candy Dish

Holiday Contest Entries

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s another Inventables contest going on. But this time instead of Halloween decorations, it’s holiday decorations! Bet you couldn’t have guessed that one.

This contest is open to those who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and every holiday in between. We’ve already gotten five awesome entries and we’re excited for more to come!
Snowflake Decoration

This delicate and charming snowflake decoration is brought to you by our wonderful Canadian friend, Rusty (yes, the same Rusty who ran the Halloween contest). Rusty used a ⅛” endmill to precisely carve his snowflake out of MDF. Once the snowflake had been sanded, primed and painted...ta-da! Rusty had created the first contest entry.

Christmas Tree Tray

2015 Inventables Black Friday Deal

Deal #1 X-Carve has been our most popular 3D carving machine ever, thanks to you guys! Buy any X-Carve and receive $100 off!

Deal #2 Many of you folks already have an X-Carve.  We wanted to do something special for you too.  Spend $50 or more (not including shipping) on anything in our store (including X-Carve) and receive a $50 gift certificate to Inventables!  Gift cards will be emailed out next Tuesday, December 1st for all qualifying orders.  Gift certificate is no longer valid if the initial order is returned. Limit one per customer.
This offer is too good to miss!

Inventables' Black Friday Deal Starts Early!

At Inventables, we do a Black Friday deal for our customers as a small way of saying thanks for all your support. We've been getting calls, emails, and forum posts asking when the deal will start this year. We decided we should leave that up to all of you guys! So we put it to a vote on the Inventables community forum, and the people have spoken - our Black Friday deal will start at the stroke of midnight tonight!

Makers Spotlight: Pam Daniels & Brandon Williams

Pam and Brandon met at Northwestern University while both pursuing their master's degrees in design. They now own the design practice of Welcome Industries, where they work as designers, entrepreneurs and educators.

Pam and Brandon currently live at Northwestern University where they are designers in residence. Here they teach students using an active design practice at the Segal Design Institute on Northwestern’s campus.

Pam and Brandon are associated with Catalyze Chicago, as well as  Design House Chicago, a nonprofit where Pam is a co-founder.

Inventables asked Pam and Brandon to use our new easy to use 3D carving machine, Carvey, to create a project that would demonstrate its capabilities. They decided to develop a lighting concept that would, “focus on what a mill can do that an average laser cutter can’t”.

Pam and Brandon chose to shine a spotlight on how Carvey’s smaller bed size is not a limitation, but rather, a way to expand your imagination. For example, by cutting hole…