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Lamp Design Project: Day 7

Day 7:
Hello, So we had a great time yesterday at Pumping Station 1, we ended up enrolling in hackerspace with their $40/month "starving artist" membership. It gives us full access to the shop and space 24hrs a day and most importantly exposure to its highly creative members. This place will be a huge resource for us in the future.
Today we did some more hunting, we are still at the stage where we are really trying to wrap our heads around what and how makes a great lamp. We are understand the few necessary components and know need to find places to source them.

So on the Home Depot! One might not think HD would be the greatest place to source lamp parts but I think it will be a good start, plus they are pretty much everywhere. We would like to use parts that are fairly common and off the shelf. Piggybacking off of existing technology and products is good way to test the waters when designing something new for the first time. This approach will allow us to adapt and expand on t…

Top 10 products from 2011 sold at Inventables

2011 was an exciting year for Inventables.  We grew our selection to over 30,000 products.  With that much choice we thought it would be fun to take a look back and see what were the most popular products for desktop fabrication for the year.  Drum roll please...

10. Powerless Illuminating Polymer Ribbon

9. Opaque Black Acrylic Sheets

8. Shape Memory Polymer

7. Suction Cup Tape

6. Super Elastic Plastic

5. Light Diffuser Films

4. Modeling Silicone - Sugru

3. LED Light Diffusing Plastic Compounds

2. Powerless Illuminating Tubing

1. Hand Moldable Plastic

See you next year!

Lamp Design Project: Day 6

Hello again,
I hope you had a nice holiday and are ready for the new year! Today Fed and I take a field trip and visit the hackerspace, Pumping Station 1!

We were thinking about resources to prototype and build and a friend recommended this place to us. Located just north of us @ Sacremento and Elston, Pumping Station 1 (PS1) is a " collaborative environment wherein people can explore and create intersections between technology, science, art, and culture". It sounded exactly like what we were looking for and heard they had a laser cutter so we were in!

But first, Tacos! from La Finca, a small mexican restaurant across the street.

The PS1 logo, vinyl cut applied to the hallway as you walk in.

The main room is pretty big. We were checking out some soft goods supplies while the officers of PS1 held a meeting.

A classroom for anyone who has something to teach. Here someone is building some sort of CNC

The beginning of the electronics cave

A reprap, a low budget rapid prototyping 3d…
Day 5: Ideation

So today we began some actual design work. The iconic post-it-note thumbnail sketch ideation session. The crucial first step is a verbal and visual conversation between Fed and I, documented on these colorful squares. It started in the kitchen while making dinner, we just started talking, and then we grabbed some note pads and pens. The brainstorming process allows us to throw out ideas, anything at all, and bounce it off each other. No matter how wacky or obscure an idea, at this point just get it out, get it down, move on. The more ideas you can generate the better chance one or two of them will be good!

Started on the island
Moved to the ping pong table. Myself, pen in hand.

Fed, putting one down. We used our inspiration mood boards from yesterday to begin to organize our thoughts.

Confetti aftermath. A good ideation session but there will be more!

More thoughts soon,

Lamp Design Project: Day 4

Hello Again,
I apologize for the delay, sometimes the life of a designer can be a little crazy. I work in Garfield Park for the design consultancy, Streng design and Federico is a designer at Radio Flyer in Elmwood Park. At the end of last week and all through weekend I was extremely busy in the office and I haven't had the chance to document any of our process.

At this point in the process we have visited a couple of retail stores, and specialty lighting shops. We've done online research, looking for innovative lamps and peaking trends. At this point we can start to further define the direction we are going to take with this lamp.
I do want to take a moment and define the parameters for this project. We are designing a lamp that is intended for the DIY beginner; that is, a kit that an end user can use to assemble a finished lamp. It will be based on a system that is fairly open sourced, simple in construction and design. We want to create a kit that functions as a lamp but also…

Lamp Design Project: Day 3

Day 3:Hello Again,welcome to day 3, the second day of onsite research. Today we are going to a dedicated lighting shop up in River North. A friend recommended Lightology to me for its huge selection, great staff, and museum-like displays

Really nice anodized aluminium task lamps

A very museum-like display showing the range of color temperatures. They had allot of this type of display, very informative and very clear in illustration.

Probably the coolest thing I have seen all year: This bowl and LED's are coated in phosphorus glass, as your hand enters the bath of LED's your body makes the connections lighting up the LED's. Soo cool. This display is worth a trip to this store!

Very fancy, silk chandelier

Rugged Cast aluminum task lamps

Very organic LED array under neath this task lamp.

The ribbon like form this lamp takes is inspiring

A metal mesh chandilier

Check out the Al heat sinks on the head of this lamp, and the wood veneer shade, very awesome look.

Ok, Im headed to IKEA and…

Lamp Design Project: Day 2

Day 2:
Fed + Dan go to CB2 + Hortons
welcome Today and Tomorrow are going to be devoted to showing some onsite research we are doing to complement the online stuff we are doing. It is the perfect way to re-affirm and discover new ideas, get our hands on some real products, and further develop the landscape we are exploring. When we find inspiration or places on confusion we make notes, to come back to later on in the design process. So sit back and enjoy some pictures and commentary from todays outing.
CB2 near North & Clyborn

A nice little task lamp

Fed in front of a great wall of color, CB2 was a great place to gauge current color trends.

Cool pulley chandelier mechanism

Nice junction of painted steel and wood on this stool

Fun Acrylic flowers!

On to Horton's Lighting across the street!

Interesting task lamps

Awesome light saber-ish hanging lights

This place had allot of ceiling fans and vanities. Not really what we were looking for but still gave a bunch of reference points.

Nice wall m…