X-Carve Helps to Rebuild a Beloved Local Restaurant

In nearly every town, there’s that one restaurant that’s a true staple. One that helps enhance its beauty and uniqueness, no matter how big or small. In Dorset, Minnesota that restaurant is the beloved Companeros.

For 30 straight summers, owners Rick and Laura Kempnich opened their family-owned restaurant in the small tourist town of only 27 year-round residents. And every year when the doors were thrown open to let in the warm summer air, the Kempnichs’ loyal (and hungry) customers were there waiting. Companeros even made national news in 2012, when Bobby Tufts was elected as the nation’s youngest mayor at the age of 3 years old, right on the old wooden deck.

But tragedy struck the tiny town in September 2014, when a lightning strike sparked a fire that left the restaurant in ruins. The Kempnichs decided to sell the land in hopes that new owners would rebuild the local Mexican eatery. To keep the tradition alive, former employees Levi and Beth Durgin purchased the land and the family recipes.

Once word began to spread about the rebuild, donations started pouring in. Inventables customer Joe Westphal caught wind of the reconstruction efforts and did what any great maker would do. He grabbed his X-Carve and offered to help.

Several times each summer, Joe and his wife would drive to Dorset to visit Companeros and gain the precious memories they now cherish. So when Joe heard about the rebuild from a tradesman working on the effort, he was happy to help a "place that has been a social fixture in this area as much as any business for many years for folks who visit and vacation in this area. They had a need, I have the equipment.

The Durgins delegated the engraving of the deck planks to Joe. Using his X-Carve in a creative nod to the overwhelming support from the community, he’s carving donors’ names into the new wooden floorboards. Once completed, the boards will be used to create the deck. 

With donations pouring in from Texas to Nebraska, Joe and his X-Carve have been hard at work. With even more carving ahead, he’s happy to help a community in need, allowing X-Carve to quietly and artfully leave its mark on the small town.

“The loss of Companeros had threatened to cause the community to fade into oblivion like so many small towns today.”  Now, with the support of a strong loyal community and some assistance from X-Carve, Dorset is coming back to life.

To join the effort by donating to the Companeros rebuild, please visit  their Go Fund Me page.

Zach Kaplan's Big Announcement at Technori!

Did you hear the big announcement from Inventables CEO, Zach Kaplan? If you missed out on the action, keep reading. You’re going to want to hear this news!

On Tuesday March 29th, Zach Kaplan was the keynote speaker at the maker-themed Technori event in Chicago. Technori is the third largest monthly startup event in the United States, showcasing over 250 companies at 50 events. Technori has raised over $201 million in funding and employs more than 1,000 people. Technori is working to help build the startups of tomorrow by giving them a stage to present their ideas in front of hundreds. By doing so, Technori has been able to assist startups in gaining momentum, and even, helping to obtain their first customer, partnership or investment.

Technori gave Kaplan the chance to explain to the startup community, how students are bored at school and have resorted to snapchatting their face rather than learning. This contagious boredom throughout students is causing The U.S. academic rating to plummet. And to this Kaplan said no more!

In Inventables’ effort to promote STEM education throughout The U.S., Kaplan announced Tuesday night that Inventables is launching a program that allows schools to start a crowdfunding page to buy a Carvey! The campaign program can be found on the Inventables website and allows any school to set up a campaign that will last 30 days, with proof of tax exemption form.

Kaplan explained that together as a nation we need to come together and make kids become interested in school again by promoting STEM education. To find out more information about the Inventables crowdfunding program, visit our website!

The 3D Carvers are Arriving!

They’re getting close….a little closer….they’re here!

After three months of anticipation, the wait is coming to an end! Carveys and X-Carves are beginning to appear at the front doors of the 50 winning schools of the Inventables 3D carver contest.

Back in January, Inventables announced the winners of the contest to kickoff our mission of putting a 3D carving machine in every school in the U.S. by the end of the decade.

In Hawaii at Kailua Elementary, Greg Kent and his students built a cozy transparent home for their X-Carve. They have also been busy carving a sign to proudly welcome their guests to the Kailua Elemakery!

Kent recently told Inventables that he feels, “like the X-Carve has taken our makerspace to the next level! We have hit the ground running and are in the middle of ‘Design Thinking in the Garden’ with 2nd and 5th graders. It is a tool that promotes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. The 5th graders are working with the 2nd graders to help them improve their gardens. So far students have created cardboard prototypes of raised bed markers, a gate, small tool storage, large tool storage, a watering arm, a bee house, a seed storage box, and a fruit harvesting pole. Next week the 5th graders will create the designs in Easel, create their supply list and begin creating the pieces on the X-Carve”.

In Massachusetts, teacher Jennifer Esty is leading her students on a Carvey adventure at Sparhawk School. With smiles on their faces, Jennifer and her students begin their out of the box Carvey experience!

At Loudoun Academy of Science in Sterling, Virginia, teacher Josh Ajima is helping his students create an awesome digital fabrication lab with a little help from their new friend Carvey. Check out Josh’s great post about his Carvey unboxing experience here!

Down south the fun is just beginning for three more of our winning schools! Bill Nebeker from Klein Independent School District in Texas, Megan McNinch from Sugar Creek Elementary in South Carolina and Kristie Wikane from Rockingham Middle School in North Carolina are all adding one more name to their class roster.

For more information on how you can sign up a school for Inventables new crowdfunding program, check out our website!  

Chicago Tonight interview with Inventables CEO, Zach Kaplan

Within the next few decades, an explosion of new technologies is going to once again make the United States the top dog of manufacturing.

2016-04-04 10_16_10-Chicago Leads in 3-D Manufacturing Tech _ Chicago Tonight _ WTTW.png

Inventables Founder and CEO, Zach Kaplan is just one of the individuals leading the digital manufacturing revolution.

3D carving is used to carve objects out of many different materials like wood, plastic and even metal. You start with a flat piece of material that is clamped down tightly to secure it during the carving process. The project design is created on the computer and then sent to the 3D carving machine.  A part of the machine called the spindle, rotates the bit to remove material from the surface. The spinning bit has sharp edges so it is moved perpendicular to its axis of rotation, which creates cutting on the circumference of the bit rather than the tip.

Kaplan spoke with Chicago Tonight’s reporter, Eddie Arruza about the beginning of the digital manufacturing revolution here in the United States. Kaplan explains that while we are still in the infancy stage of this revolution, the amount of tools and people participating are going to explode within the next few decades.

With release of Inventables newest machine, Carvey, Kaplan hopes to make a big impact in the progress of the revolution. Carvey is a quiet and clean tabletop 3D carving machine that is also easy to use. Kaplan hopes Carvey becomes a common well-known tool, much like PowerPoint is today. While Carvey is not the only 3D carving machine on the market, Kaplan says it is the easiest to use.

Want more information on Carvey? Check out Inventables.com!

2016-04-04 11_04_34-Chicago Leads in 3-D Manufacturing Tech _ Chicago Tonight _ WTTW.png

Inventables CEO to Deliver Keynote at Technori in Chicago

Hi Inventables Community!

There are lots of awesome new Carvey projects that have been added to our projects catalog.

Check out this blog to see just a few of the amazing projects that have been added to our page. The dish pictured above uses our new G-Code import tool.

These types of projects would make a great addition to a school's curriculum, which is exactly why Inventables is leading the charge to put a 3D carver in every school by the end of the decade! If you know of a school that would greatly benefit from receiving a 3D carver, come to Technori this Tuesday to learn how your school can receive a free 3D carver from inventables!

Inventables Founder and CEO, Zach Kaplan, will be a keynote speaker at the Technori – Maker Movement in Chicago on March 29 to discuss the digital manufacturing revolution - leading with 3D carving.
Event Details:
Technori is a monthly showcase for innovative startups in Chicago, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase. The March 2016 Technori event is titled “Maker Movement” and will focus on five top Chicago startups related to the maker movement and digital manufacturing.
Technori March 2016 – “Maker Movement”
Tuesday, March 29 at 6 p.m.
(Pre-event networking at 6 p.m., keynote starts at 7 p.m.)
10 South Dearborn Street
Lower Lobby
Chicago, IL 60603
Tickets: Eventbrite

Use promo code: inventables - to receive 15% off tickets.

Hope to see you all there!

New Carvey Projects You Have to See!

If you haven’t checked out our newest projects, you’re missin’ out big time! The four beautiful projects showcased below were made on Carvey, and to say the least, they crushed it! And if you want to hear even more good news, all of these projects can be made by any and all makers...that means you!

This gorgeous desktop planter may look a little intimidating, but have no fear, it’s all made in Easel! First mill out the Corian base and stand because that is what holds this whole project together….pretty cool, right? Next come the walls. The walls of the planter are made by carving rings into maple wood using of course Easel, as well as, the “offsetter” app found in the Easel library. Once the walls have been cut, simply glue them together, sand them down and boom! You got yourself one beautiful desktop planter all co-workers would be jealous of.

Need something to keep your kids entertained for hours in the car? Well have no fear, activity bot is here! This adorable little guy is made with four different colors of MDF wood and Easel, allowing any parent with a Carvey to recreate him! The body, eyes and gears are all made by simply changing the depth of which you carve into the wood for that particular part of the robot. This is what allows activity bot to be a fun and customizable toy. And the best part of all? No batteries!

Not sure how to make a bowl shape with Carvey? No worries, Inventables has got you covered! This stunning bamboo dish was made with a combination of CAM software, as well as, Easel. But the wonderful designers over at Beyond Design added the files into Easel, so now any maker can recreate it! Once you download the Easel files, you first mill the inside curve of the dish, then the outer shape. If you’re looking for a little extra non-slip security, use cork to cut out a pad to attach to the bottom of the Corian base. Now just like that, you have a beautiful dish to fill with candies, clips or anything else you find around the house!

You may have seen this awesome (and educational) Food Chain Puzzle on our website and thought, “four layers, I can’t make that?” Oh but yes you can! All you need is four different colors of MDF, a Carvey and a little one you want to teach who eats who in the world…or maybe just call it the circle of life? Either way, the puzzle pieces are designed around geometric shapes, which allows for each piece to neatly and precisely rest inside the previous piece. To begin start by carving out the largest piece of the puzzle. Then the next largest, then the next and you get the picture. This technique allows you to create inlays inside the previous piece, which will create the stacking food chain effect. Once the chain is complete, you can take a step back and confidently say, “yes, I did do it!”

To see more recently added projects, check out our projects page!  

Be A Part of the Inventables HQ Mural!

Hey Inventables Community!

 We are working on a mural wall at Inventables HQ and want to extend the chance to our awesome community to help fill up our wall!

If you want your creation to be part of the wall, here's the details:

-Your tile creation can be of anything so long as it's safe for a work environment.
-Tiles must not exceed 6"x6"
-Tiles can be made of any material but must be of an appropriate weight to hang easily and securely.

That's it!  Check out our image below to see what we've got up already!

When you're ready, send your submissions to
Inventables c/o Kyle
600 W Van Buren St, STE 602
Chicago, IL 60607

Tyler Lyne, The Iron Chef of Making

Executive Chef, Tyler Lyne, believes that in order to be unique, Cloud Catering & Events has to separate itself from the pack by coming up with innovative solutions. His solution? X-Carve.

Tyler Lyne.jpg

Chef Lyne has used X-Carve to make custom serving pieces for his restaurant like wooden serving spoons, a Hors d’oeuvre platter, a wave Petite Fours platter, a carbon fiber custom kitchen tool that won gold at the Restaurant Show and most importantly, an egg dish for Gwyneth Paltrow! I would definitely say Chef Lyne is on his way to leaving a very influential mark on the culinary world.  

(Egg dish for Gwyneth Paltrow)

Born and raised in Texas, Lyne  began his culinary journey at 16 years old, working in restaurants.  He then went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America, where after graduation, he became the youngest person to obtain the Certified Executive Chef title from the A.C.F at the youthful age of 21.

(Custom Hors d’oeuvre platter)

In 2013 Chef Lyne was named as one of Zagat’s 30 Under 30: New York City’s Food Industry Up-And-Comers. Then, as if all of these achievements were quite enough, he was on Iron Chef and beat Geoffrey Zakarian. So cool!

Chef Lyne first saw X-Carve on the YouTube channel Hemistorm, which was what ultimately convinced him to buy it. The X-Carve was just the catalyst Lyne needed to spark his ambition to make things in-house and continue the process of building the Custom Design & Fabrication side of his business.

(Mahogany spoons)

Chef Lyne plans on using X-Carve primarily, “in my social media content, the Design aspect of my business, and to build custom tools for me and my team to use in the kitchen”. Lyne’s end goal is to open an online store for the purchase of his custom tools, like this awesome gnocchi board he created on Easel!

Chef Lyne was inspired to carve a unique gnocchi board thanks to his Media Marketing Director, Nathan Ma who had wanted to do a pasta dish for the website blog. The idea sparked Chef Lyne’s interest to showcase all that X-Carve can do, by adding his own twist to a common gnocchi board.  

(Gnocchi Board)

The X-Carve gives Chef Lyne the ability to make Cloud Catering & Events a truly different and unique company by mastering the simple things, exceeding expectations and coming up with innovative solutions. Chef Lyne knew he needed to be an early adopter of this technology in order to have that small detail that provides a huge advantage to pleasing his existing customers, as well as, acquiring new ones.

Chef Lyne admits that he never had any plans to undertake this process, but by taking a leap of faith, he quickly realized how rewarding it would be.

(Deviled egg platter)

What is the difference between 3D carving and 3D printing?

Do you know the difference? Let Inventables CEO, Zach Kaplan explain!