Inventables started shipping X-Carve early!

We're proud to announce we started shipping X-Carve machines today, about a week earlier than expected!

The X-Carve shipping team.  Not pictured Phil, Brandon, and Lisa.
That's a picture of the first X-Carve about to head off into the world! 

We are now shipping out X-Carve orders chronologically by order date, and our goal is to have every pre-ordered X-Carve shipped as soon as possible. If we run into any unexpected issues that might prevent us from hitting our goal, we will do our best to keep everyone informed on the status of their order. 

How did this all come together so quickly? Short answer: it takes a village. Our previous blog posts (1, 2) have highlighted a few steps in the process. This post outlines the last part of the story. 

Once all components arrived in our warehouse and were inspected, the team began combining the individual components into X-Carve modules. This big board in the X-Carve area lists all the modules and keeps track of our production targets for the day:

In the module kitting area, team members like Scott count, sort and assemble parts into bags & boxes to create the pre-assemblies.

The pre-assemblies are then rolled up into X-Carve modules, which match the options seen on our Configurator page. Completed modules are put on the shelves in the kitting area, awaiting picking for individual orders. We came up with a nice color-coded labeling system that helps keep it all organized on our end and should make it a little easier for our customers to assemble.

And now the fun part: the shipping team prints out X-Carve order packing lists and pulls down the modules needed to complete each order. The modules are all packed into a box, triple-checked, and sent on their merry way.

We try to fit everything into a single box when possible, but 1000mm kits have their rails and wasteboards packed separately since they're so large.

Each order is given a final inspection before the box is sealed up and shipped.

It's been a lot of effort to start shipping X-Carve machines early, but we got it done so that our customers get their machines as quickly as possible. We have 2 months of pre-orders and have used them to calculate ESTIMATED “ship by” dates.

Ordered by
We plan to ship on or before
March 9
The week of April 27
March 20
The week of May 4
March 30
The week of May 11
April 7th
The week of May 18
The week of May 25

Please keep in mind these are only ESTIMATES. We will provide a revised update if things change significantly.

We'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who placed a pre-order!


The Inventables team

X-Carve Z-Axis Height

We've been getting a few questions about the max thickness the X-Carve can work with out of the box.  This is a bit of a complicated question because it depends on the length of the bit you are using, the type of spindle you have, and the thickness of the material. 
Here are the stats:

X-Carve Shipping Update #2

We have some good news to report!  As of today, April 6th, 2015 we are on track to start shipping out X-Carve orders by April 30th! Please note, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every order will ship on the 30th.  When we start shipping, we will ship as many as we can per day until all orders are fulfilled.  Orders will ship in the order in which they were received.  

As we continue to prep for shipping X-Carves, we thought it might be nice to give you a behind the scenes look at the process we’ve been setting up. We’ve implemented some new systems to make sure everything is done efficiently and accurately.  Everything is starting to come together.

Meet the Inventables Customer Success team!

Sam Alaimo – Queen of Lasers and CNC machines
Our Customer Success team is built on real people who are experts at helping people succeed and get the results they need. That's why we call it Customer Success. We're here to help you succeed.
We wanted to take a moment to give you some insights into how our customer support process works, and who really runs the magic behind the curtains at Inventables.

X-Carve Shipping Update!

The transition to X-Carve has been a huge undertaking for everyone at Inventables, encompassing a multitude of projects and collaborations from every team. Engineering, software development, purchasing, customer support, warehouse operations and all the rest have been hustling to get this product designed and in our customers' hands as quickly as possible.

Now that we've finally announced it to the world, things are moving really fast! In order to get shipping as fast as possible, we're making a lot of changes to our warehouse that should help us increase our speed and efficiency, while keeping our error rates as low as humanly possible.

Say Hello to X-Carve

Today Inventables launched X-Carve, our next generation 3D Carving machine. It’s the start of a new chapter for us and we’re very excited.

Our mission at Inventables is to bring out the maker in all of us. We envision a world where the the digital fabrication revolution empowers a new generation of makers to be able to dream, design, and fabricate their ideas into products. We believe low cost digital manufacturing tools are making it easier for people to prototype and do short production runs. We believe by focusing on making the experience easier, we’re helping to ignite this change in not only what products can be made but, more importantly, who can make them.

In 2012, we collaborated with inventor Bart Dring to commercialize the MakerSlide railing system. Later that year, with MakerSlide as the foundation, we started selling a fully open source (open hardware) 3-axis 3D carving machine kit that anyone could build. The kit cost about $300 for the mechanicals and $600 for the fully functioning machine.  Most people that bought the machine were hobbyists and enthusiasts. The response was tremendous.

Over the last few years, as the technology improved, we’ve started to observe a transition by our customers. What was once predominantly a group of hobbyists building a machine for the love of the game has transitioned to a group that also includes folks making and selling products for fun and profit.  We are inspired by the amazing ways customers have brought ideas out of their heads and into the world. They make everything from circuit boards to skateboards.

In March of 2014, we launched Easel.  It was a step towards taking complexity out of the process. We wanted to simplify the software tool chain so you can “just click carve”. It was part of a realization that the world needed more than a new machine- it needed an incredibly easy system (software, hardware, and materials).

We needed a brand to represent our vision and serve the trajectory our customers were on. We needed a brand to go beyond servicing a hobby and one that could deliver on production work in the shop.  

Enter X-Carve. The letter X in the name is intended as a variable that is defined by the customer. We hear from customers that their needs are unique and they don’t want extra parts lying around. We hear from customers that they want an upgrade path. We hear from customers they want a machine that can grow with their needs.

X-Carve is capable of creating precision parts and models from plastic, wood and metal. The machine is the latest addition to Inventables’ 3D Carving ecosystem, which also includes our Easel design and machine control software, a project-sharing website, a selection of hundreds of carvable materials, and Carvey, an enclosed machine suitable for an office or home setting.

X-Carve was created for a workshop setting. It has about half the parts of other kits on the market, and is both customizable and expandable. It is also fully compatible with the previous 3D Carving kit offered by Inventables, the Shapeoko 2. We’re also selling an upgrade kit because we don’t want to leave anyone behind. We put together an introductory video walking through all the details.

The Inventables website guides users through customizing the exact machine they want. Parts will also be available a la carte. We heard over and over again that people want to build machines in different sizes, with different electronics, and motors to fit their specific needs. In response, we built a tool that will allow them to customize a machine to do exactly what they want without having to buy unnecessary parts.

Please join us in this next chapter at Inventables by making your mark on the world.

Customer Project Spotlight: Matthew White

We were tweeted this photo the other day from Indiana hackerspace The MakerHive.

This is the kind of thing that gets the Inventables team really excited. It's a custom aluminum mount for the Rostock Max 3D printer made by our neighbors to the South at SeeMeCNC on their Shapeoko 2!

We did some sleuthing and got in touch with the person who made these, a customer of ours named Matthew White.

He got back to us with some pretty awesome photos of his setup and details about their operation: