Grow faster with the new X-Carve Pro

Over the years, we’ve watched so many inspiring businesses begin using X-Carve. Most of these started as part-time projects, a side-hustle to make a little money. But then they grew into something more serious. We’ve spent thousands of hours talking with these owners to understand what they need as they expand, hire employees, and grow. They want to build products faster, carve with more precision and take on larger projects. Today, we’re excited to announce a solution for businesses that are ready to grow, the X-Carve Pro.

The X-Carve Pro includes major upgrades to our hardware, software and support. Our software, Easel Pro, now includes a Tiling feature so you can carve full 4’ x 8’ sheets seamlessly. This opens up possibilities for batch manufacturing, furniture, cabinetry, built-ins, molds and massive signs. The X-Carve Pro comes in two models—4x2 and 4x4—so both handle full sheets in a much smaller footprint.

We also added a new library with over 3 million pieces of artwork. Sign …

Woodworking Projects For Holloween

It's October, which means that goblins, ghosts, and witches are on everyone's mind. And while it may not be certain what kind of celebrations will be able to take place this All Hallow's Eve, with the CNC machine you can create decorations and more that everyone can safely enjoy. Here's a roundup of a few of our favorite CNC carving projects for getting into the Halloween spirit. Yard Decorations
The front of the home is the perfect place to declare your love for all things spooky. Halloween Tombstones can transform an everyday lawn into a classic horror movie setting. This free pattern is cheap to execute, and comes in various versions, including one for "Paul Tergeist" and another for "Dr. Acula." You can make them out of foam hardboard insulation or use plywood. With a 1/8" bit the project takes about 20 minutes per headstone for ones made from insulation. Another option for garden decorations is the Ghost Yard Sign. Just menacing enough, the…

From My Experience, Things to Know When Starting a Woodworking Business

Many people find woodworking to be a fulfilling hobby and consider opening a woodworking business; they realize they have a talent and skill others are willing to pay for. For such a person, with the right aptitude and ambition, there is no greater career path than doing something they love on a daily basis.But, as a wise person once said, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Three important aspects of starting a woodworking business are 1) understanding how to run a business, 2) having the knowledge and aptitude to be capable to start that type of business, and 3) understanding the level of dedication it takes to find success. The fact is, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 40% fail in the first five years, and 65% don't last more than ten years. Those figures aren't meant to discourage anyone from opening a new business but provide realistic expectations as to the dedication required for success.Differences betwee…

Projects to Organize Your Woodshop

Between lumber, clamps, bits, and other tools and materials for a CNC machine, woodshops have a habit of getting disorganized—and fast. Wouldn’t it be nice to put those tools to work on some projects that will keep all of your most-used items neatly organized and ready to go? Try out some of the ideas below, or use them as inspiration to create your own CNC designs!
A Bit Tray
This one is essential in any woodshop featuring a CNC machine. You need a place to keep bits organized—and this project features an extra nice touch, which is a slot for the wrench you’ll use to change bits. Feel free to personalize it with text, or if you want extra storage, you can also make larger compartments to hold loose bits and other odds and ends.
Storage for Your Clamp Set
Tired of digging through disorganized clamps to find the right size for your next project? Make a custom clamp holder to keep all the pieces in place, organized by size. This is another project that is easily customized, too. If you have…

7 Tips for Staining Your Wood Projects

Alright, so you have a really cool project to work on with yourCNC machine. You’ve already set up the software and machine to get the cutting done—easy and precise. You are ready to assemble your project and starting to consider the final color. Wood is easy to paint, but a beautiful piece of wood is stunning when stained. Here are seven staining tips for creating an even glow foryour wooden project.Get the Right EquipmentStain can be messy and it’s permanent, so treat it like paint. Wear safety goggles to ensure nothing splatters in your eyes (especially with oil-based stain), gloves to keep it off of your hands and old clothing you don’t care about. You might need a drop cloth to ensure nothing gets on the floor or tracked around on your shoes.Test on ScrapAlways have an extra board that you can test colors on. You might find the end color just doesn’t look how you thought it would. You may find that you need to create a thicker or thinner layer to get the color you want. Testing wi…

Projects for Home Organization

Stuff just has a habit of piling up around the home. If you're around the house more, it's the perfect time to get organizing. But sometimes finding the right place for everything you need to keep on hand requires building that right place. A CNC machine is perfect for building organizational tools that will keep your house tidy.Wall Organizers
TheEntryway Wall Organizer is perfect for those who like to be able to drop it all when they walk in the door. Based on a pegboard, this modular system allows you to change the configuration of hooks and shelves based on updating storage needs. It provides a space for hanging jackets, hats, bags, as well as glasses, keys and even electronics. Designed by Kati Farrer to be made with birch plywood, the project is 28 by 36 by 0.73 in. and uses an 1/8 in. bit. 
For those who want a smaller catchall that's perfect for both the entryway or the kitchen, theSunglasses/keys/mail organizeris a great choice. This free design by Nick Brewer offer…

Preparing Reclaimed Lumber for Your Next CNC Project

Reclaimed lumber can be one of the most interesting materials to work with when you’re into CNC carving. For one thing, it holds a lot of beauty—and that’s true whether you’re using reclaimed lumber for the weathered look, the character, or because you’re in search of beautiful wood grain beneath the aged patina. Many also enjoy it because it’s an environmentally friendly material since you’re recycling previously used lumber rather than cutting new to create your projects.No matter what type of CNC project you want to work on, from signs to wall art, d├ęcor, and more, reclaimed lumber will add character to it. Read below to learn how to prepare reclaimed lumber as a carving material.Clean and Inspect the Lumber FirstReclaimed lumber can come from any number of sources—old barns, warehouses, bowling alley flooring, you name it. Depending on where it came from, there may be a layer of grime obscuring the patina.So that’s the first step. Give the wood a thorough wash to remove dirt, and …